Attending to Myself & the World


Some reading that you might find useful and instructive.


The Body has a Mind of its own
by S. Blakeslsee & M. Blakeslee



Free Play: The power of improvisation in life and the arts
by S. Nachmanovitch



Acting & Singing with Archetypes
by J. B. Rodgers & F. Armstrong



Voice Work: Art & science in changing voices
by S. Shewell

The Power of Focusing: A practical guide to emotional self-healing
by A. W. Cornell


The Body of Life: Creating new pathways for sensory awareness and fluid movement
by T. Hanna



Balance: In search of the lost sense
by S. McCredie



Making Connections: Total body integration through Bartenieff fundamentals
by P. Hackney


The Mastery of Movement
by R. Laban