Attending to Myself & the World

About me

Hi! My name is Agnes Windram and I am a Registered Psychotherapist, Feldenkrais and Fitzmaurice VoiceWork Practitioner, based in Denver, CO.

I believe that everybody is unique and therefore I combine the different body-mind based techniques you see here to offer my clients flexibility and to help them to feel healthier and more alive. I have a wide range of interests and want to be able to reach people from different backgrounds.

I work in person and online, in English, Spanish, and French, and in individual and group-class formats. We can get started here.

I am also undertaking a PhD in neuroscience where I am researching the effects of sensori-motor cues on attention and executive functions.


Fundamentally, the work I do is about paying attention to yourself… to your body, the use of your breath and your voice, the way you attend to your sensations, feelings and thoughts, how you define your priorities and goals. This can be applied in a wide range of situations, for a variety of individuals, and at different stages in your life.


My Approach

As a professional I offer you my expertise to help you to improve your potential and overcome the obstacles that you currently encounter.  I believe that my role as a practitioner is to listen to your needs and to offer you specific tools to help you achieve your goals.

I will guide you toward more self-reliance and autonomy. You are not a passive recipient. I believe strongly that my role is to give you the means to decide for yourself what is important for you – what is best for you. We will work together to find your way to better health, to feel more efficient, engaged and satisfied. I want to offer you flexibility in your path to be healthy, strong and complete.

I prefer to work with my clients than to do self-promotion. I am direct and pragmatic. And I understand that selling dreams and fantasies does not help you.


My Clinical Experience

I’m a psychologist who has clinical experience working with infants and their parents to improve bonding and attachment, with adolescents who need support to feel more confident, more listened to and have to deal with the beginning of autonomy, with adults in the context of addressing family issues, and also with elderly people who are dealing with ageing.


My Research Experience

I have undertaken research into the relationship between attention, memory, body awareness and movement. I have worked with groups in a senior center to evaluate the effects of specific movement exercises on their cognitive and executive functions. And I have conducted research in to working memory and verbal capacity when an individual’s working memory was loaded with other tasks.


Other things about me

More personal interests.