Attending to Myself & the World

Professionals & Families

You have commitments to friends, family and co-workers – I can help you connect your mind and your body, alleviate tension and stress, define your priorities and reach your goals.


You have deadlines, goals, ambitions and obligations. Your mind is fully engaged in the task at hand. We’ve all experienced that sense of ‘flow’ when things are coming together.

We’ve also experienced the reverse. Those moments when our priorities are not clear, when we are fatigued, when our mind is spinning without any traction, when the smallest thing from a co-worker or client or our family and friends can upset us and causes stress and worry and sleepless hours, turning things over and over in our heads.

What is often not realized – particularly now that our professional lives are much more sedentary – is how the mind and the body function together, one affecting the other and vice versa. Research has shown how important the body is to proper mental functioning and how important the mind is to optimal physical performance.

I can help you to connect your mind and your body, alleviate tension and stress and to define and reach your goals.