Attending to Myself & the World

Athlete (or Sports Enthusiast)

Whether you’re an athlete or a sports enthusiast, I can help you to improve your body awareness, motor skills, strength, endurance and your recovery time.


You’re an athlete – perhaps you’re a runner, climber, gymnast or somebody who loves physical activities in all their forms. You may train regularly or just occasionally. You may be exercising for your health, or for fun, or for a specific challenge or event.

Most of us have the experience of being passionate about a sport or activity and training and working hard to progress and to develop our skills. And up to a point that leads to progress. But there often comes a time when we feel ourselves reaching a limit or a plateau and our progress stops, or we find ourselves working harder and harder, but without ease and without efficiency.

In any case, I can help you to connect with your body and increase your awareness of your body so that you can put that new awareness to work, improving your running or climbing or whatever other sport you may be passionate about. The work I do puts people in touch with their body, raises their awareness of the micro-movements needed to perform physical tasks, reorganizes the body to improve ease of movement and functionality, and helps you to feel more grounded and balanced.