Attending to Myself & the World

Artists (and Creative Types)

If you are exploring your creativity for fun or for a performance – I can help you to find an authentic expression of your creativity and to strengthen your body, mind and voice.


Whether you’re a dancer, a singer, an actor or any other individual in touch with your artistic side, you will know how important it is to be fully aware of your body if you want to perform at your best and to have cultivated your breathing and inner voice if you want to express yourself with creativity, originality and clarity.

It’s a physical, mental and emotional challenge when we want to express ourselves through our art. It requires emotional investment and commitment that can leave us feeling exposed and it requires a search for authenticity and originality in our approach and performance.

I can help you to improve your body awareness, strength, balance and coordination, work on deepening your breathing and expressing yourself vocally, projecting your voice and physical presence and mining your emotions and experiences to express yourself with authenticity and conviction.